Subway Surfers Zurich

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Subway Surfers Zurich is a popular endless running game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. The game follows the adventures of a group of graffiti-tagging characters who run along train tracks while trying to escape from an inspector and his dog. The objective is to run as far as possible, collect coins, and avoid obstacles and oncoming trains.


  1. Swipe Up: Jump over obstacles or to reach higher platforms.
  2. Swipe Down: Slide under obstacles or to go down from higher platforms.
  3. Swipe Left or Right: Change lanes to avoid obstacles or collect power-ups.
  4. Tap: Activate power-ups or perform special actions when prompted.

Tips to play Subway Surfers Zurich:

  1. Collect Coins: As you run, try to collect as many coins as possible. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades, power-ups, and unlock new characters.
  2. Power-ups: Look out for power-ups scattered throughout the game. They can help you run faster, jump higher, or attract coins.
  3. Hoverboard: Use hoverboards to protect yourself from crashing for a limited time. They can also help you collect more coins.
  4. Special Items: Look for special items like keys and mystery boxes that offer additional rewards or unlock new content.
  5. Watch Out for Obstacles: Be careful of trains, barriers, tunnels, and other obstacles. One wrong move can end your run.
  6. Complete Missions: Subway Surfers Zurich features daily and weekly missions. Completing them can earn you extra rewards.
  7. Watch Out for Power-ups: Keep an eye out for power-up icons and be ready to tap them quickly to activate their effects.
  8. Use Headstarts: Occasionally, you may find headstart power-ups that allow you to begin the game with a boost.
  9. Compete with Friends: Connect the game to social media to compete with your friends and see who can achieve the highest score.

Remember, Subway Surfers Zurich is an endless running game, so the objective is to keep running as far as possible, avoiding obstacles, and collecting coins to achieve high scores. Have fun and enjoy the thrilling experience!

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